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“Now I'm afraid of getting into a relationship, I first have to ensure I have financial security and my career is going well, that's the reality of our world now.”Bad pickup line: Besides the evergreen “My name is ABC, but you can call me tonight,” Ian supplied the following gem: “You have front view, side view, back view, still got one more — I love you.” Classy.

Jeremy Chan Bad date: The actor was about 15 when he went on his first date to a fast food outlet, and it went south quickly: He was carrying a tray laden with food and beverages when, in his nervousness, he knocked it against the table, sending a tall cup of soda flying into his date’s lap.“She was completely drenched from the waist down — and I had upsized the drink! He had to buy a pair of jeans for her to change into, and the rest of the date was spent in silence.

But Coca-Cola does indeed “Open Happiness” — the subsequent relationship lasted 9 years.

Now we’re wondering whether Jeremy has ever showered Jesseca Liu with a carbonated drink.

On the left side of the following Instagram, we've got Joegi, closer to confirmed coupledom than ever before.

We quiz some of our best-loved personalities to find out what nasty experiences they’ve had to endure.Chick-fil-A A will provide a catered meal for 12 including shredded chicken bundles, mac & cheese, bacon baked beans, chocolate brownies and sweet tea.Update, 4/16: Even though Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift hit the red carpet together as each other's dates, things are still very clearly on with Calvin Harri at a Grammys after-party at Hyde LA. Update, 12/23: Taylor and Calvin have been keeping their love on the DL in recent months (what the heck, guys? After performing her final number of the night—"Shake It Off"—the singer took a couple of bows before mouthing "I love you" to a certain Scottish DJ. Update, 7/19: Calvin Harris is putting it all out there when it comes to his feelings for Taylor Swift.Ian Fang Bad date: The Truth Seekers actor once broke wind during a date at a restaurant when he was about 18, but he resolved it in a way that got us chuckling, and the awkward incident didn’t prevent the couple from going steady after that.“She thought it was hilarious, but I felt humiliated all evening.People close by heard me and smiled, and you know a man's ego — all shattered on the floor,” Ian recounted. Because thunder comes before the rain.’”Bad romance: Don’t let his bad boy attitude fool you — Ian told us he’s been cheated on once and dumped many times before. One particularly messy breakup, initiated by the lady, wound up involving plenty of crying, kneeling and pleading — on her part.“She said she wanted to see someone else, which was fine by me, but then she asked me to take her back,” Ian said.

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