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I'm running the latest version of Ubuntu, and I have a Dell Sp2009wfd monitor with built in microphone and webcam. Before you're able to use your microphone and camera inputs in your browser, you need to explicitly allow it in the Flash Settings window.

I've gotten the microphone working on mumble and on sound recorder, and I've gotten the webcam to work on WON'T work through the flash player//website webcam things. That, however, can turn out to be easier said than done, but I'll explain a workaround.

Make a copy of your passport, and front and back of everything that you have in your wallet.

In case something happens, you have all the numbers and contact information to cancel your cards and replace your passport."- Beware of such popular scams as the "crush and grab" (while you're swarmed by people trying to get on or off a train or bus, someone is also lifting your purse) and the "distraction technique" (someone spills or squirts you, then offers to help clean up the mess while an accomplice is robbing you.)- Watch out for "broken" ATMs.

The firms represent a handful of the companies and public bodies around the world that suffered at the hands of hackers last year.Thirty-five years ago, while traveling with my family in Paris, I got a firsthand lesson in how to thwart a pickpocket.Soon after we'd boarded a crowded metro, a would-be thief tried to lift my father-in-law's wallet - but was stymied by the thick rubber band my savvy relative had attached inside his jacket pocket with a safety pin.The below list will be updated each time a hack is verified and will include historic hacks only just discovered in 2017.When you're finished with the list, here are the best i OS and Android security apps to help keep your data safe and secure. Security firm Up Guard spotted the flaw and said the server was owned by third-party firm NICE Systems, a vendor for Verizon.

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