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If you'd like to alter your clubs entry please contact us We have an active message forum, where you can join in the discussion on various topics related to postcards or the collecting hobby.We would like to encourage as many as possible to join in.It may be noted that on many European cards the abbreviation may incorporate the name of the publisher’s town so they don’t exactly match the company name.Many times the full written name of the town may follow the initials, which is often confused with part of a persons name.

In this case it is important not to confuse them with the initials of the artist who might have illustrated the card.

Whether you are looking for dealers suppliers or printing services, or perhaps trying to find out about an old card, then you are as welcome here as the thousands of postcard collectors who visit the pages regularly.

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Got a Main Street, USA postcard that pictures late 30s cars and has a 1939 postmark? For the millions of postcards in existence that are not so easily age-defined, we consult the painstaking research of experts in the field. Included are those references we consult most often. Curt Teich Postcards Compliments of the Curt Teich Archives at the Lake County Museum ©1994, The Lake County Museum The first series of cards printed by the Teich company used numbers only and ranged from 1— 14989.

Listed below is a portion of the knowledge base that exists to help in dating old postcards. The production dates were not recorded by the company at this time, but from copyright dates found on some of the cards, it has been determined that these cards were produced between 19.

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