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Throughout history, different areas of Mexico have been home to numerous cultures.Particularly in Ancient times, between 1800 and 300 BC, several complex cultures formed.Whether you dine at a casual taco stand or a trendy haute-cuisine restaurant serving a new twist on an old favorite, Mexican food offers something guaranteed to please everyone.Situated atop a hill overlooking Old Town San Diego, Presidio Park is the location where the city was founded in 1769.Mexican culture has left an indelible mark on San Diego, the cradle of the Golden State.The influence continues because of the city’s large Hispanic population and proximity to the Mexican border.Western Experience Walk in the footsteps of Wyatt Earp, Pancho Villa, and Cochise. Missions & Churches Experience the beauty of sacred places dating back hundreds of years.

This struggle to understand one's own identity through the experience of straddling two distinct cultures but not being fully accepted by either, gives rise to the new culture and connecting those who reside in border towns throughout the entire border.Arizona only became a state in 1912, and the region—formerly part of Mexico—wasn't even a U. All of these elements make Tucson one of the most culturally rich cities of the West and a mecca for history buffs looking for a truly distinctive lens into America's past. The area is also one of the earliest inhabited areas of the country, with evidence of Hohokam settlements dating back thousands of years.Expand your mind and see history in a new light as you observe ancient Native American sites at Murray Springs and Signal Hill, follow the trails of early Spanish explorers, witness a reenactment of the shootout at OK Corral, and travel deep into Arizona's copper mining past.Historic Anza Trail Follow the trail the Spanish took to colonize California.

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