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The sword may have been the inspiration for the Japanese Zanbatō as both are written with the same characters, and have been said to have been used for killing the horse and rider in one swing.

China is one of the heavily populated country the world.

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The blade was 114 centimetres long and very straight with a slight curve in the last half.

Possible variations of these Chinese swords were the changdao, miao dao, and wodao.

While sometimes called an ancient weapon and described as dating from the Song dynasty to Warring States or even earlier, most antique examples and artistic depictions are from the late Qing era or later, suggesting that they are actually a comparatively recent design.

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of people with the same name 1 张伟 Zhang Wei (Great) – Male 290607 2 王伟 Wang Wei (Great) -Male 281568 3 王芳 Wang Fang (aromatous) – Female 268268 4 李伟 Li Wei (Great) -Male 260980 5 王秀英 Wang Xiu Ying (Elegant & brave) – Female 246737 6 李秀英 Li Xiu Ying (Elegant & brave) – Female 244637 7 李娜 Li Na (elegant) – Female 244223 8 张秀英 Zhang Xiu Ying (Elegant & brave) – Female 236266 9 刘伟 Liu Wei (Great) -Male 234352 10 张敏 Zhang Min (Quick) – Female 233708 11 李静 Li Jing (Quiet) – Female 232686 12 张丽 Zhang Li (Beautiful) – Female 232533 13 王静 Wang Jing (Quiet) – Female 231914 14 王丽 Wang Li (Quiet) – Female 226724 15 李强 Li Qiang (Strong) -Male 223950 16 张静 Zhang Jing (Quiet) – Female 221483 17 李敏 Li Min (Quick) – Female 213606 18 王敏 Wang Min (Quick) – Female 213603 19 王磊 Wang lei (Rock pile) -Male 209757 20 李军 Li Jun (Army) -Male 199772 21 刘洋 Liu Yang (Ocean) – Female 199642 22 王勇 Wang Yong (Brave) -Male 198720 23 张勇 Zhang Yong (Brave) -Male 197859 24 王艳 Wang Yan (Glamorous) – Female 194371 25 李杰 Li Jie (Hero) -Male 191759 26 张磊 Zhang Lei (Rock pile) -Male 191065 27 王强 Wang Qiang (Strong) -Male 190266 28 王军 Wang Jun (Army)-Male 189999 29 张杰 Zhang Jie (Hero)-Male 189117 30 李娟 Li Juan (Beautiful) – Female 187701 31 张艳 Zhang Yan (Glamorous) – Female 181752 32 张涛 Zhang Tao (Wave)-Male 177993 33 王涛 Wang Tao (Wave) -Male 177978 34 李明 Li Ming (Bright) -Male 177898 35 李艳 Li Yan (Glamorous) – Female 176676 36 王超 Wang Chao (Overtake) -Male 174891 37 李勇 Li Yong (Brave) -Male 173615 38 王娟 Wang Juan (Beautiful) – Female 171785 39 刘杰 Liu Jie (Hero)-Male 166929 40 王秀兰 Wang Xiu Lan (Elegant orchid) – Female 166111 41 李霞 Li Xia (Red clouds) – Female 165189 42 刘敏 Liu Min (Quick) – Female 164133 43 张军 Zhang Jun (Army) -Male 162773 44 李丽 Li Li (Beautiful) – Female 162497 45 张强 Zhang Qiang (Strong)-Male 159914 46 王平 Wang Ping (Peaceful)-Male 155617 47 王刚 Wang Gang (Hard)-Male 154600 48 王杰 Wang Jie (Hero) -Male 154113 49 李桂英 Li Gui Ying (Cassiabarktree Hero) – Female 153218 50 刘芳 Liu Fang (Fragrant) – Female 152189 Besides the above 50 common Chinese names, there are also a lot of other popular Chinese names.

You may find the Wikipedia article to learn more about Chinese names.

Because of the various protrusions and the high possibility for accidental hooking or stabbing, they are almost never used in sparring, and are used sparingly in two person routines.

The zhanmadao is a sabre with a single long broad blade, and a long handle suitable for two-handed use.

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2, recorded in March 1997, is Lei Qiang's second album since he resettled in Montreal, Canada and his second opus for the label Oliver Sudden.

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