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Not feeling the love for Valentine’s day this year?Looking for an alternative to soppy mini-break destinations?Similarly, trekking with your loved one to reach the ruins of Machu Picchu at sunrise seems like romantic nirvana—until you find your physical (and relationship) limits tested by being stuck for days in a 12-person group with a case of altitude sickness or vertigo.

Once burnt, you can wave goodbye to most activities, so spare your partner the task of gingerly applying aloe lotion to rupturing blisters before bedtime. This colourful Hindu festival is celebrated every year in March to commemorate the victory of good over evil. Come in August and the canals stink – while the streets are so stuffed with tourists and cruise-ship passengers that you can barely move for selfie sticks, dropped ice creams and Americans trying to work out where the Colosseum is.Sao Paulo, Brazil If Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s sexy party girl, then Sao Paulo is its big junkie cousin that no one in the family talks about any more.Large cities across South America have social and economic challenges, but none fail them quite so consistently as the continent’s biggest conurbation.When the days are spent worrying about being robbed and the nights too dangerous even to venture outside, there’s not much room for romance.

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