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Avoiding direct sunlight to your phone and keeping it in a shaded area will help.

You will also want to avoid leaving it in areas like a hot car for extended periods of time.

How this ties into cars is unknown, but with the Fast & Furious franchise making serious money on its fifth and sixth entries and a Need for Speed film poised to hit theaters next year, Legendary is clearly game to get in on the car craze.

Crane’s resume as a second-unit director includes work on films like World War Z, Troy, and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, so he has plenty of experience with blockbuster filmmaking.

Candidate can type 40 Wpm and has exceptional expertise in copying filing basic office procedures, data entry, telephone etiquette and appointment scheduling.

Jacksonville, FL - Candidate has 15 years of experience as a Medical Coder.

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Electronics naturally produce some warmth, however when they get too hot there can be long-term consequences.

Processors and lithium batteries have shown to have a longer and more productive life when they are kept at lower temperatures.

In addition, extreme heat can also cause physical damage to your phone such as warping and cracks in your screen.

Spring, TX- Certified Medical Assistant with over 6 years of experience in front and back office.

Candidate has demonstrated the ability to lead and motivate outstanding healthcare teams that provide top quality patient care.

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