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Established companies with FDA-approved drugs or biologics may not have manufacturing facilities that comply with current good manufacturing practices, may not have adequate capacity to fulfill the commercial demands for their products or may desire manufacturing back-up.Whatever the reason, the need for the services of contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) has given rise to a vibrant industry1 that is likely to grow as that need increases.

The addition of dry powder milling and blending capability to this facility will complete a 5-year Capital Expansion Plan SAFC initiated as part of its long-term commitment to supporting customers in the growing industrial biopharmaceutical market.

He owns a patent for the fluorescent targeting evaluation system described in this document (DAZO Fluorescent Marking Gel).

Brian Koll, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY; Marion Kainer and Ellen Borchers, Tennessee Department of Health, Nashville, TN; and Brandi Jordan, Illinois Department of Public Health, Chicago, IL In view of the evidence that transmission of many healthcare acquired pathogens (HAPs) is related to contamination of near-patient surfaces and equipment, all hospitals are encouraged to develop programs to optimize the thoroughness of high touch surface cleaning as part of terminal room cleaning at the time of discharge or transfer of patients.

Recovery factors for cleaning validation residue testing are an essential element of any cleaning validation program.

The FDA states that firms need to “show that contaminants can be recovered from the equipment surface and at what level…” (1).

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The purpose-built facility will produce animal component free (ACF) media and will offer regional support to the European market along with manufacturing redundancy to its North American sister facility in Lenexa, Kansas.

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