Consolidating nct alpln level student loan

This page explains the student loan bankruptcy discharge process in detail, walking you through the different types of Bankruptcies (Chapter 7 vs.

Chapter 13), explaining what an “undue hardship” test entails, and offering advice on how to figure out if you have a real chance at getting approved to have your loans discharged.

Review: AES has been reporting past due and charge off on my credit report for several years now.

I have challenged these account that verify belong to me.

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Calling the Helpline is free, and they offer no-cost consultations, so what I would suggest you do is call the Helpline, tell them about your specific financial situation, explain the details of your outstanding debt, and ask them if you’ve got a realistic chance at qualifying for a bankruptcy discharge.

The Helpline is great because even if you don’t seem to qualify for a discharge via bankruptcy, they can suggest other opportunities like challenging the validity of your loans (via the Defense Against Repayment Provision), consolidating your debt, and doing other things that’ll reduce your financial liabilities.

I have sent letters asking for proof and original paper work for these items.

I have asked for a master note but they will not and have not sent these items I have requested for my own records to prove that I do not owe this.

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