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This is going to be a very in depth answer, and it is going to be hard to disentangle it from my own subjective experiences in this matter, but as a man married for almost eight years who has not “dated” for almost ten, I think I can reflect on it with some type of objectivity.But I must stress two things before I launch into this topic: I have to warn everybody, my opinions on this issue may diverge from several commonly accepted notions, even notions accepted within the Traditionalist and Homeschooling communities. Well, it does not matter one bit to me what you call this process.

However, because I am going to in this post threaten some sacred cows, I anticipate getting some disagreement. My child will not “date”; they will “court.” Okay, well what really matters is the substance of what is going on at these liaisons, not what you call them.doc Id=-4874477964503905710&hl=en After my first Catholic girlfriend, I knew firmly that our Lord was calling me to marriage as my vocation, so I had to find the young woman he had chosen for me to become one flesh with–not an easy task!It was a struggle to both trust that God loved me and would direct me to her and bring us together while at the same time doing everything that I needed to do to cooperate with his grace and find her.When I first began corresponding with Katie through Catholic, I did not place much expectation that she was my future wife because I had corresponded with many young women over the years that I had been a member of those sites.Nonetheless, I always kept that hope in Christ that she be the one chosen for me; otherwise, why bother with trying at all?

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